CSCI 4174/CSCI 6708 NETWORK SECURITY: ASSIGNMENT NO. 7 (北美程序代写,加拿大程序代写,CSCI 4174代写,CSCI 6708代写,Dalhousie University代写)

In each of the following, the two prime numbers p and q, and the message M to be encrypted using RSA are given.

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本次CS代写的主要涉及如下领域: 北美程序代写,加拿大程序代写,CSCI 4174代写,CSCI 6708代写,Dalhousie University代写


Date Given: Monday, March 23 , 20 20
Date Due: Monday, March 30, 2020, 11.55 PM
Submission: On Brightspace (


  1. It is very important that you use the network tools that you download only for collecting information about your own machine or a self-contained private network. Never use any of the tools for unethical purposes
  2. All references must be properly cited in your answers. Use IEEE or ACM reference styles ( ( Points will be deducted for improper citations and citations in incorrect formats.
  3. Keep in mind that just because you cite references, you must not “cut-and-paste” from these or other sources. The write-up must be properly paraphrased and referenced.
  4. Late Penalty Policy : 10% per day on the mark earned on the assignment. For instance, if your score on the assignment is 8/10 and it is one day late, the score will be reduced to 7.2/10. Assignments that are five days past due will not be accepted.
  5. Submission : Convert your documents into pdf. Submit ONE zip file containing the answers to all questions on Brightspace.

PLEASE READ – INCENTIVES TO DO THE ASSIGNMENTS ON YOUR OWN: Most of you are very conscientious of following the principles of academic honesty and submitting your own work. In order to further reiterate the importance of maintaining integrity and doing your own work, please note the following incentives:

  1. You will be given a number of short assignments over the course of the semester. Each assignment is worth only around 2%. If you are unable to do the assignment on your own, it is better not to submit it.
  2. In case you are unable to submit one assignment or if you do poorly on one assignment, it should not affect your overall grade. I will drop the assignment with the lowest score.
  3. Assignments will help you hone in the concepts taught in the lectures. They will also help you prepare for the upcoming tests.
  4. Plagiarism is not worth it! The penalty of academic dishonesty is harsh. It could cost you a whole grade point.
  5. Enjoy working on the assignments on your own and explore further!

Question 1 (RSA Algorithm Examples): In each of the following, the two prime numbers p and q, and the message M to be encrypted using RSA are given. For each case, determine the private and public keys and the encrypted message. Show the steps.

a) p = 7, q = 11, M = 6
b) p = 11, q = 13, M = 9
c) p = 17, q = 31, M = 5

Question 2 (Short snapper): An RSA system uses a weak toy example in which the public key e=5 and n=35. You intercept the ciphertext C = 10 sent using this system. Can you determine the plaintext message M (by trial and error or brute force) from this information?