ITS121 Programming Fundamentals (C#代写,Unity代写,澳洲程序代写)

Teaching, Learning and Assessment

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本次CS代写的主要涉及如下领域: C#代写,Unity代写,澳洲程序代写

Assessment 1: Tutorial Workshop Exercises

You are expected to attend punctually each week, plus contribute to class activities, workshops and discussions. There will be at least three short intermittent assessments administered between weeks 2 and 13 of programming exercises to evaluate the students’ understanding of key concepts. The student ‘s level of engagement will be assessed (exercises completed as appropriate, leading some discussion and providing occasional insights).

The student needs to endeavour to demonstrate and articulate a high level of understanding of the theory and its practical application.

Assessment 2: Programming Project Part A Students are to design a functional text-based adventure game in C# with Unity and the Microsoft Visual Basic Environment. Students must demonstrate an understanding of variables, application logic and programming practice.

This assessment will be assessed progressively in class.

Students must submit a final build including executables over Dropbox


This assessment ensures that students understand the principles of Programming covered in the lectures up until week 6


Students are required to apply technical coding elements in the creation of a small game. The design of which will be prescribed in a short design brief. The brief will be provided at the commencement of the course.

Students will be assessed on the quality of their source code, the effectiveness of their implementation and the degree to which it meets the brief’s criteria.

Submission Requirements

Submissions of the project will be made to the Assignments drive. Submissions of the assignment code must be complete code, with all media relating to the project, including the code for the project, solution files, and project files.

Assessment 3: Programming Project Part B

Ensures that students can apply all previously taught programming techniques. Create a simple game or windows application based around the fundamentals of programming. Students may use Visual Basic environments or Unity. Students must submit the application via drop box as functioning executables with complete project files, as well a reference list and links to any resources used.

This assessment will be assessed progressively in class.

Assessment must be approved by the subject lecturer before commencement.